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Do you remember your first job interview? The nervousness, the constant trauma of what they might ask will have you puzzled? But if you’re fully prepared and know exactly how your job objectives follow out, this might not be the case. When it comes to hiring, employers’ focus is to check if he/she is well … Continue reading “5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHILE HIRING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER”

3 Elements Every Successful Office Gains From

Going to an office with formal cubicles, white walls, and not-at-all refreshing colors is as exciting as watching paint dry. Yes, it’s annoying, and that’s exactly my point. I can totally decorate my desk and make the place as bearable as I can, but trust me, that’s not enough. At least not when the white … Continue reading “3 Elements Every Successful Office Gains From”

Common Misconceptions about Interior Designers

Misconceptions Interior Designers Like every other misconceptions thing, the general population also doesn’t know what an office interior designing in Dubai can do and why they need an interior designer. I used to think that they are perfect or fit for people who have a large home or extra money to spend. While in real, they …

To Choose a Theme or Not for your Workplace

Well, in my personal opinion for workplace, there should not be any doubts about having top interior design firms Dubai and get theme for your office or not. It’s pretty clear, you do need a theme. And, as business-owners,we need to have a theme that reflects our business ideas, goals, philosophies and all those things …

Important Principles of Interior Design You Need To Know

Did you know that interior design has its own principles? I didn’t and trust me, it surprised me like anything. But as everything in life, it comes with certain concepts and when you follow these principles of interior design in Dubai, only then will you be able to create a feeling or the mood of …

In’s and Out’s of Insulation in Dubai

The Dubai municipality has recently started developing a guide and specification document that will help home and business owners in looking at different insulation options to start reducing energy…….

Finding the Right Masonry Contractors

Paving and tilling can provide much aesthetic beauty in an outdoor or indoor space, but this type of flooring is risky as individual tiles or paving stones have to be aligned perfectly for a floor….