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We have screened hundreds of carpentry and joinery companies in Dubai and created a network of experts that have a track record of being affordable, reliable and delivering on time and on budget. All you have to do is request a quotation by filling in the form above, or calling us on (04) 42 13 777 and three of these companies will contact you to send a quote. They may want to meet with you to understand the requirement in more detail. They will then send you quotes, which you can compare before hiring the best company. This service is free of charge and there is no obligation to hire any of the carpenters for the project. However, we are confident that our network will offer you the best prices and quality available in the UAE market today.


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How Do You Go About Hiring the Right Carpenter in Dubai?

Carpentry is a profession in which there is a great deal of precision and expertise required in getting the job done right. Not every carpenter has the same level of skill or can achieve the same finish, and often a poor job shows through very clearly. So the question is, how do you hire the right carpenter, one that is reliable, works on a promised schedule and on a competitive budget?

Whilst it maybe more convenient to pick a random carpenter for your project, it important to do the due diligence to make sure you aren't going to regret that decision. Ensure that when you are choosing a carpenter you review the following:

  • Portfolio of completed projects
  • Customers who can provide references
  • Relevant local experience
  • Knowledge of safety standards
  • Ability to work under time constraints
  • Ability to meet strict budgets
  • Skills & workmanship

Good carpentry in Dubai doesn't have to be expensive or hard to find. You just need to know where to look or who to ask. Here is another open secret - just ask us and we will tell you where to find them.

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Carpenters and Joinery Companies in UAE: What Services Do They Cover?

Depending upon what you need built, fixed or replaced, you will need to find the right carpenter for your project. Joinery companies in the UAE may specialize in any or all of the following types of work:

  • Residential Carpenters: Specializes in apartments & villas and can build forms for walls, frames, roofs, stairs, doors, windows & cabinets.
  • Commercial Carpenters: Specializes in office buildings, retail outlets, malls, hotels, hospitals and schools. They work in interior partitions, ceilings & most jobs as residential carpenters.
  • Industrial Carpenters: Specializes in civil engineering projects such as, tunnels, dams, bridges, power plants and sewers.
  • Most joinery companies in Dubai will have carpenters who are skilled and professional to carry out the most common tasks such as:
  • Building stairways, doorframes, windows
  • Partitions from wood and other similar materials.
  • Install office cabinets, shelving & cupboards
  • Install kitchen & home cabinets, shelving & cupboards
  • Install & fix Fixtures

Regardless of what scale or size or your project it is important to do your research and hire the right carpenter for the requirement.

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We Will Find You the Best Joinery Companies in Dubai

It's no secret that the best outcomes are achieved when you employ professionals who have the right expertise and experience. This is exactly the reason why we have used our passion for the industry, our local knowledge and working experience and the vast amount of networks we have gathered over the decades to build a panel that solely specializes in joinery and carpentry solutions. These vendors have been pre-screened, checked for their local projects, had their skills assessed and their portfolios and licenses reviewed thoroughly.

Regardless of what scale or size or your project it is important to do your research and hire the right carpenter for the requirement.

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